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Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Project type: Bank headquarter


Status: Design 2016

This project consists of relocating a private bank’s Headquarters into an existing core and shell 20-story tower, converting all floors from residential compartmentalized apartments to open plan office space. 
The 28 departments, varying in function and density, are programmatically fitted in the tower resulting in a wide range of layouts where each floor fulfills different requirements. 
By unifying the overall image of the bank, we maintain the corporate identity across all floors. The use of glass partitions allows for more transparency and openness, all the while maximizing storage with full height wood paneled cabinets. Linear LED lighting emphasizes the general geometry of the plan, helping guide movement across floors. 
In response to the bank’s corporate requirements, we custom made furniture with sleek modern glass and painted aluminum while a strong presence of natural wood gives the space a warmer feel. The design is consistent all the way to the executive floors which benefit from more precious finishes and decorative lighting.

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