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This summer vacation home is one of two projects that are part of Byblos Sud Village, a development located in the ancient Mediterranean town of Byblos. The program called for a 3-bedroom configuration in a square H-plan, where we opted to position all the daytime living spaces in relation to the sea views. Our client requested a more compartmentalized layout, allowing for two separate entertainment spaces, for adults and young children. We created additional openings to the view for a more panoramic emphasis of continuity to the sea in the North-south direction. A free-flowing consistency of materials carries through to the exterior terrace. The space consists of leathered local limestone floors - low-maintenance for a beach house - oak wood paneling and cabinets, and medium luster lacquered walls and ceiling. The extensive use of mirrors in all bathrooms enlarges what are relatively small spaces.  The addition of a wood-burning fireplace was strategic for the season shoulders’ colder weather.

Location: Byblos, Lebanon

Project type: Beach Residence

Size: 300 SM

Status: Completed 2007

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