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Location: Bedford Hills, New York

Project type: Historic residence expansion

Size: 7 500 SF

Status: Design 2016

Nestled on the side of a hill in the dense forest of Woodstock NY, this schematic project was prepared as a vacation home. The Southwest orientation of the existing structure did not fully take advantage of the site conditions and the clients requested we cardinally align the new house based on the Indian architectural principles of Vastu Shastra. This science calls for an integration of architecture with nature, utilizing geometric patterns, symmetry and directional alignments that shape space.
We worked with that system to design the house on three story levels, taking advantage of the steep slope, and maximizing the use of the flat portion, as the project immerses itself with its surroundings, gently terracing its way down. The design consists of natural local materials textures and finishes and the use of stone and wood integrates the house with nature. Our clients environmental concerns called for a flat roof carrying solar panels to warm the pool and provide hot water for the house. The spatial arrangement and geometry of the design incorporates a Center space, the nucleus of the house from which everything emanates, while the more isolated meditation room allows for our clients to occasionally seclude themselves on the West side of the land.

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