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Located on an expansive seafront plot of land, in a very low-density area of Southern Corsica, this beach house project was started by a local architect. As we took over, we expanded on the idea that was started, from the Corsican farm house to a more open sea front home, taking advantage of the views in one direction, and the green landscape on the other. We created privacy in rooms where required, with openness and transparency through the living spaces. Our client commissioned artists to create some of the architectural elements such as the doors, the tensile shading structure outside etc. And the interior showcases the collector’s modern and contemporary art and furniture. As for the surrounding landscape, our client chose to farm an olive grove on the plot, intermixed with strategically placed boulders, creating different outdoor areas. 
The house structure consists of local limestone rubble walls, with large glass panels; topped with a cedar shingle-covered pitched roof. The Verona antique Limestone floor extends out to the terrace creating a free-flowing continuous space.


Location: Corsica, France

Project type: Beach house


Status: Completed 

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