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Located on West Manhattan’s Riverside Drive, with breathtaking panoramic views of the Hudson River, this apartment program called for the combination of three small apartments. The challenge was to create a single-family modern apartment that feels seamless.     
The program was resolved with the main entertainment and living spaces at the core, separating the master bedroom suite from the children’s suite with their own sitting area. 
The 3D challenge was to convert 3 spatial elements into 2: seamlessly blending the white walls with the ceiling using the same continuous finish, and the oak floors blending with the walls through baseboards, cabinets and bookcases with the same uninterrupted detail. Also, in order to overcome the low ceiling conditions, the space was opened to the exterior through the creation of new window openings and alcoves similarly wrapped in oak frames, turning them into spatial moments where one sleeps, eats, works, bathes, and where the continuous views become part of the architectural features of the home.


Location: New York, New York

Project type: Apartment renovation


Status: Completed 1999

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