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This Landmarked Townhouse is in the heart of the West village. The clients’ main objective was that we re-use as much of the original house as possible including all exterior windows, augmenting the rest with salvaged material. Their environmental concerns were about stripping elements to their bare essence, without superfluous decorative features, while creating a cozy home. We peeled away all unnecessary layers: plaster walls, crown moldings, baseboards, and patched the existing floors. All original wood material was mahogany and the house was consequently augmented with similar wood wherever possible. Reclaimed encaustic floor tiles were used in all bathrooms, while exposed electrical wiring and conduits climb the brick walls, and old NY salvaged decorative tin tiles cover the ceilings. The house reflects our clients’ extensive travels (namely to Africa and the Middle East), and their purchases are present throughout.

Location: New York, New York

Project type: Townhouse renovation


Status: Completed 

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